Corporate and M&A

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is rather new in Vietnam. In order to get an M&A transaction successful, there will be many stages must be carried out, many legal and techniques and procedures must be conducted and complied for such a deal. In recent years, we have successfully consulted and participated in carrying out of a number of M&A transactions for both domestic and international market. With its practicing experiences, P&S Legal Services can effectively advise and assist you in M&A transactions with most economical of time and expenses.

Accordingly, depending on every specific transaction, we will be able to advice and assist you in:

1. Detailed investigation: We will involve to check and evaluate the entire document relating to the legal and financial status and other concerned matters of the target company; evaluating the advantages and risks that would be able to arise from the M&A transaction so that it would have no risk for clients after completion of the transaction.

2. Consulting and building the best structure for every M&A transaction to ensure that it would be the most efficiency in tax structure and other relevant issues after completion of the M&A transaction.

3. Preparing and consulting the M&A contract and participating in negotiations: Drafting and advising the contract for every specific transaction; advising and taking part in negotiation with client’s partner on the contract or in any stage of the transaction, if required.

4. Paperwork and filing: Preparing the necessary documents and working with the relevant authorities for registration of the M&A transactions as well for any change, if any, after the completion of an M&A transaction.

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