You are investors, having plans to invest in Vietnam, but you do not know much about the relevant laws and the business environment in Vietnam: The investment law and relevant regulations? Required conditions for foreign investors? Business structures? Form of business enterprises? Location for setting up business? Application file? Tax issues and tax incentive? Labor issues? And so on.

With a team of qualified and experienced lawyers, P&S Legal Services not only provides clients with good legal advices, but also helps clients to resolve those mattes effectively to ensure that they will run their business well without any encumbrance of legal issues. For these purposes, we may aid and support clients in their pre-setting up and during the establishment process of enterprises with 100% foreign owned, joint-stock company, joint venture, limited liability companies branches, representative offices; searching partners for clients and supporting in negotiations or taking part in negotiation with partners relating to the investment projects of our clients. In addition, we will assist our clients in resolving the legal issues arising during the time of doing business in Vietnam. We undertake that we will be a reliable legal partner of our clients in their investment and doing business in Vietnam.

Foreign direct investment

  • Providing advice on the structure, policies and regulations of the applicable laws for doing business in Vietnam;
  • Providing advice and establishing of of 100% of foreign investment capital, joint venture and business cooperation contracts;
  • Drafting relevant contracts, legal documents and participating in negotiation with domestic and foreign partners relating to investment activities of clients;
  • Documenting and working on behalf of investors to submit to and work with competent state agencies to grant investment certificates;
  • Providing advice and support to enterprises about legal issues after the issuance of investment certificates to ensure efficient operation.

Corporate activities

  • Providing legal advice on enterprise establishment, business restructure, establishment of branches, representative offices;
  • Providing legal advices for enterprise restructure;
  • Advice on form of business and management structure;
  • Consulting an drafting charters, internal regulations and agreements equivalent to each business form and its structure;
  • Consulting on labor, management and disputes;
  • Drafting, reviewing every type of contract, agreement; participate, represent in negotiation and signing of contracts;
  • Working on behalf of client with any third parties.

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